Sunday, November 21, 2010

my ongoing research- Enhancement of Follicular Delivery of Finastride In Niosomal gel Form For Treating Androgenetic Alopecia

At present, limited studies have been carried out regarding the effect of topical preparations of finastride for androgenic alopecia. In the current study an approach to enhance follicular delivery of drug by the Niosomal gel formulation will be investigated. 

Primary Aim:

To prepare topical niosomal gel of Finastride for enhancing the drug concentration to androgn receptors (type II 5 alpha reductase recepors ) in the hair shaft of  androgenic alopecia patients.  

Secondary Aims:

To improve patient compliance with reduced dose of finastride  in niosomal form.

Current Status

Studies almost finished and soon it will b published . 


  1. "Clinical trials on healthy human male volunteers" ... aareyenkilum kitiyodaaaaaaaaaaaa

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  3. As per the science ethics you should not release out your work plan and all until you get a result. You have done a mistake because all around the world a lot of firms they are looking for a project. They can easily take your idea and do it. So think before doing such things.Rather if you want to publish the paper you have to sign an author's form in which you have to mention that your work not yet published anywhere in any forms. Beware :)